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Shade Canopies

3 Post Triangle Peak image

3 Post Triangle Peak

Size: 18’x18’x18′ to 30’x30’x30′

4 Post Hip image

4 Post Hip

Size: 10’x12′ to 50’x55′

2 Post Hip image

2 Post Hip

Size: 10’x12′ to 14’x22′

4 Post Pyramid image

4 Post Pyramid

Size: 10’x10′ to 35’x35′

4 Post Wave image

4 Post Wave

Size: 20’x20′ to 35’x35′

4 Post Slanted Hip image

4 Post Slanted Hip

Size: 10’x12′ to 40’x40′

6 Post Hexagon image

6 Post Hexagon

Size: 20′ to 50′ Diameter

8 Post Octagon image

8 Post Octagon

Size: 30′ to 80′ Diameter

Shade Sails

4 Point Shade Sail image

4 Point Shade Sail

Size: 20’x20′ to 40’x40′

3 Point Shade Sail image

3 Point Shade Sail

Size: 20’x20’x20′ to 30’x30’x40′

Permanent Umbrellas

Coolbrella image


Size: 12′ to 20′ Diameter

Single Post Pyramid image

Single Post Pyramid

Size: 8’x8′ to 24’x24′

Lifeguard image


Size: 8’x9′ to 10’x11′


Multi-Layer Pyramid image

Multi-Layer Pyramid

Size: 10’x10′ to 50’x50′

Multi-Layer Hexagon image

Multi-Layer Hexagon

Size: 30′ to 45′ Diameter

Multi-Layer Peak image

Multi-Layer Peak

Size: 10’x12′ to 40’x50′

Multi-Panel Hexagon image

Multi-Panel Hexagon

Size: 20′ to 50′ Diameter

Large Span

Multi-Layer Superspan Pyramid image

Multi-Layer Superspan Pyramid

Size: Up to 60’x60′

4 Post Superspan Hip image

4 Post Superspan Hip

Size: Up to 60’x60′


Full Hip Cantilever - Single image

Full Hip Cantilever - Single

Size: 10’x12 to 20’x40'

Full Hip Cantilever - Double image

Full Hip Cantilever - Double

Size: 20’x24 to 40’x40'

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