Assisted Living Shade Structures

Commercial shade structures for assisted living communities and long term care homes.


The Future of Comfort and Elegance: Revolutionary Shade Structures Transforming Assisted Living Communities and Long Term Care Homes into Outdoor Sanctuaries

Welcome to the innovative world of shade structures designed exclusively for assisted living communities and long term care homes. In the realm of enhancing outdoor spaces for residents, shade solutions play a pivotal role in creating comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments. From Courtyard Shade to Poolside Shade, each application serves a unique purpose, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.


Courtyard Shade: Transform open courtyards into inviting spaces with shade canopies, offering residents a serene spot to relax and socialize, protected from harsh sunlight.

Covered Parking: Shield residents and visitors vehicles from the elements with covered parking structures, utilizing cantilever or large span structures for effective and durable protection.

Entrance Shade: Make a lasting first impression by incorporating entrance shade structures, welcoming everyone with an aesthetically pleasing and functional design.

Outdoor Recreation Shade: Foster an active lifestyle with shade solutions for outdoor recreation areas, such as pickleball court shade and tennis court shade, providing sun protection for residents engaging in various activities.

Patio Shade: Create comfortable outdoor seating areas with patio shade structures like shade sails, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air without exposure to harsh sunlight.

Pickleball Court Shade: Integrate shade canopies over pickleball courts, combining functionality and design to enhance the overall outdoor experience for residents.

Poolside Shade: Ensure a safe and enjoyable poolside experience with swimming pool shade structures, or resort-style cabana’s, incorporating multi-layer/multi-panel designs for optimal sun protection.

Swimming Pool Shade: Enhance aquatic areas with swimming pool shade solutions, utilizing large span and cantilever structures to cover expansive spaces.

Tennis Court Shade: Elevate the tennis court experience by implementing large span canopies, or complimentary shade sails, contributing to a more comfortable and enjoyable playing environment.

Waiting Area Shade: Improve waiting areas with strategically placed shade structures, offering a cool and shaded space for residents and their families.

Walkway Shade: Connect different areas of the facility with walkway shade structures, ensuring seamless transitions while providing protection from the elements.


Shade Canopies: Versatile structures for expansive areas, seamlessly blending with architecture, perfect for inviting outdoor spaces.

Shade Sails: Contemporary and dynamic fabric structures, adding a modern touch to patios for residents to enjoy fresh air.

Permanent Umbrellas: Sturdy and enduring structures for covered walkways and entrances, enhancing visual appeal with lasting durability.

Cabana’s: Create private relaxing spaces to rest and enjoy the outdoors around swimming pools and at massage and physical therapy centers.

Multi-Layer/Multi-Panel Structures: Innovative designs for high-traffic areas, ensuring enhanced sun protection and visual interest.

Large Span Structures: Robust structures for vast areas like swimming pools, parking lots, and sport courts, offering stable and durable protection against intense sunlight.

Cantilever Structures: Innovative designs extending horizontally for covered parking and walkways, maximizing usable outdoor space with architectural elegance.


Design: Tailored design services creating aesthetically pleasing and functional shade structures that integrate seamlessly with the unique features of assisted living and long-term care environments.

Engineering: Robust engineering solutions ensuring the structural integrity and safety of shade structures, meeting the specific needs and regulations of care facilities.

Project Support: Comprehensive project support, offering expertise from conception to delivery, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated delivery of shade solutions.

Fulfillment: Reliable fulfillment services, delivering quality shade structures on time and within specifications.

Turnkey Customer Service: Holistic customer service providing end-to-end solutions, ensuring clients receive seamless support from initial consultation to delivery.


Our commitment is to provide shade solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique needs of assisted living communities and long-term care homes, enhancing the quality of life for residents. Elevate your outdoor spaces with our cutting-edge shade solutions, and experience the perfect blend of form and function.

Transform your Outdoor Space